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Daytrotter everyday invites a different band and records them live with a twist to their songs. They've recorded some good songs by vampire weekend, beirut, local natives, noah and the whale and edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes.
You can also get an app for iphone, ipod touch and ipad!

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Y The Last Man

I've been reading this comic book series for a month, at the moment I'm in book 3, which means that I have 7 more books to read, until now it has been amazing, I can't stop reading it. It's written by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. "Y The last man" is about the only man and his monkey to survive the apparent simultaneous death of every male mammal on Earth. It was published by vertigo in the year 2002.
I highly recommend reading this series as it is very creative and it's a pretty interesting idea. Imagine being the only man, surrounded only by females. It would be nice, but if you actually think about it twice, you would be surrounded by all those female hormones that sometimes make them aggressive. This series presents an idea of how roles change when no men are around. It would be good as well to analyze the same story but imagining that every male survived and every female died except one. It would be disastrous wouldn't it?

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Backing Up

This video, from the creators of the bed intruder song is also made with auto tune, but this time with an extremely danceable song featuring a woman who has just been robbed! I like this song more than the bed intruder because in some parts of the video you can see the desperation of the woman and I just can't stop laughing about it. I'm not saying that the bed intruder song is not good, I'm just saying that it's not as good as this one. Backing up is a song that you will probably have in your head for about a week!
Now, first watch the original video.

Now auto tuned

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I came across this video which is hilarious. In only 10 days it has reached 1,127,086 views.

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How to make a REAL Big Mac!!

Hopefully most of you are addicted to Mc Donald's, if not, maybe this post won't be the perfect one for you.
The other day I found this video on youtube about how to make a big mac in your own kitchen, I was so amazed, that I tried it right away, even though I didn't follow the recipe exactly, the final burger was better than a Big Mac. I had to cheat my way through the making of the sauce, because to tell you the truth i only had mayo, mustard and pepper, but I added another ingredient: cream cheese! and the mixture turned out to be perfect! So here is the video. Good Luck, and who knows, maybe you'll never have to go to Mc Donald's again!

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This is a trailer for a recent made web series about lowly janitors of the Almighty's imperfect system, angels living among us and performing the most mundane of tasks.
I spoke recently with the director Olaf de Fleur Johannesson to let me put this great web series in a past blog and now I am sharing the trailer with you. You can watch it for free on this website
This web series represents a great creative work and how we must be proud of independent film making. I give this series 7/10

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This is a short clay animation made in 2009 by Antonio and Sebastian. The story is about a young boy who finds a book about a robot who becomes him. The story experiments the idea of infinity.

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